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Affordable High Speed Internet choices over the CSi Fiber Network.  Our Standard 16 High Speed Internet is a great value.  Need more speed?  DOUBLE-IT with TURBO 32 or TRIPLE-IT with ULTRA-Extreme 50. Pick the speed that meets your home needs.  Don't overpay. Save more by bundling with CSi Cable TV!   


  • Select your download speed: 16-32-50,  price when bundled with TV
  • CSi is Choice CSi is Affordable Pick the Speed to Meet Your Needs

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     their price
    STANDARD $31.99/mth* For Everyday Surfing - 16 mbps phone coop 20 $44.95/mth
    TURBO 32 $36.99/mth* Stream Video & Game - 32 mbps phone coop 30 $54.95/mth
    Extreme $39.99/mth* Heavy Home - Burst up to 50mb phone coop 50 $94.95/mth

    Prices don't work today for your budget? Check out our Economy Internet

    Business Internet information - more options with faster up & down

    To Request More Information, fill out the email form or call 252-2225 or 845-4383 

  • For Internet only - no TV - add $5/mth to prices above.  Call for details.
  • Includes 5 email addresses 
  • 24/7 Tech Support 
  • 10 mb personal webspace - no set-up charge
  • No phone line needed
  • Runs over CSi cable TV fiber network
  • Rent or purchase regular or wireless cable modem
  • Local cable modem installers
  • Local computer technicians & support
  • No setup fees for personal webspace
  • Self administer email 
  • 2 IPs standard - run 2 computers without additional equipment 

To Request More Information, fill out the email form or call 252-2225 or 845-4383 

Requires use of cable modem:

Most Popular - Modem with Internal Wireless Router $8/mth plus tax - great for notebooks - create your own in-home network without wiring hassles.

Modem with Ethernet port for your router or wired connect to your computer.  Rent is $4/mth plus tax.
Modems can be connected via network card. Services 25mbps and up require use of Docsis 3 modem.   See CSi Computers for home networking assistance - hard wire or wireless.  Call for information regarding purchasing modem.  Consult "approved modem"
 list for information about supported modems. 

Request CSi High Speed Internet Information and Save!
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Offer Details -the Fine Print - not much:  No Contract.  We ask you keep for 1 month. .*$31.99/month price for CSI 16mbps Standard High Speed Internet Service OFFER is limited to current or new CSi Cable Video customers adding High Speed service and former residential CSi customers bundling service with Cable TV and whose accounts are in good standing and located in wired and serviceable areas only.  Cable modem and other equipment requires an additional fee. Prices shown do not include applicable taxes and fees. Standard 16 High Speed service: Maximum download speed: 16.0 Mbps.  Actual speeds may vary and are not guaranteed. If have CSi Classic Cable, installation charge is $15.  If installing HIGH SPEED with Video install, the High Speed portion of installation is $0. 

Upload info:  Standard 16 by 1 up,  Turbo is 32 by 3 up,  Extreme is 50 by 3.5up.  Need more?   See Business Service offerings.  

*prices plus sales tax, city fees, and equipment rent - if any.  Speeds 25mb and up require use of Doc 3 modem.  See CSi for details. 

Internet Price comparison to phone coop pricing published on the web as of April 1, 2015 at daktel.com/services/internet