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Voice Over Internet Phone Service  

Over the past few years, a telephone revolution has taken place.   In North Dakota, nearly 50% of homes have given up the traditional landline telephone in favor of using the wireless cell phone.   Across the US, the numbers have even more saying no to a landline.

The wireless phone has become the dominate "phone" of choice.  Some homes are using VOIP services,  a phone product that transmits over the Internet, as a supplement.

The numerous providers of VOIP service has created a very crowded field, with major companies such as VONAGE & BasicTalk providing significant options that are hard for local providers to duplicate. 

After a great deal of researching various options and reviewing all the government regulations,  we have determined that it does not make sense to try to create a landline replacement service, as the interest in such a product is declining too fast.  

The good news:  All of the national VOIP service providers need an Internet connection over which to operate.  We offer affordable High Speed Internet service to meet your needs and budget.  CSi Broadband can be your connection to the Internet.

You can research and select among all the various VOIP provider plans and features that meet your phone needs.

CSi - providing television and broadband Internet services for Jamestown and Valley City, ND.