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*CSi 80+ Cable Free HD Sampler Now Available*

If you have CSi 80+ CABLE service and a HDTV with a QAM tuner you will be able to view in HD:
80.107 Weather HD WDAY'Z
81.4 CBS HD KVLY 11.2

How to View in HD *CSi 80+Cable Free Broadcast HD Sampler Set-up Tips*

Your HDTV Set Needs
HD tuner that will tune QAM cable channels
How do I know?   Consult your HD TV set owner's manual
HD QAM tuner option:        If you have your HD TV set connected to CSi Cable and are watching channels 2--77 now, go to set-up, channel programming and SCAN the cable channels in again. This may take 5 minutes or more, depending on set. Wait for it to finish!       
How do I scan?             Consult Your Manual
Tune to channel 77 & Up arrow.     If the set has a QAM tuner, you will see KVLY on 78.11 UP ARROW to view other channels.   If you do not see the channels, the set might not be able to tune QAM channels.    CONSULT THE OWNER'S MANUAL
Tip: to view HD channels,  enter 77, and then UP ARROW to 78.11  UP ARROW again to view 78.13, etc. Some TVs will allow direct entry of channels,  by pressing 8 1 dot 9 enter to view 81.9                        
CSi is passing KX4-CBS, WDAY-ABC, KVLY-NBC, KJRR-FOX, & KFME-PBS in the clear to QAM Cable tuners, at no extra charge for our CLASSIC CABLE CUSTOMERS in Jamestown and Valley City.  This is a free sampler only and channel placement and selection may vary as we conduct our testing.  
TV Brands will vary in the set-up. Please review your TV set manual to find answers to your specific brand of HDTV. Because of the wide variety of TV brands, CSi Customer Service is not able to have first hand knowledge of all brands.   
CSi will offer a larger package of HD channels across the CSi Fiber Network in Jamestown and Valley City. To be able to view the optional package in "HD", viewers will need a HD capable TV and a Digital HD Box from CSi.    The CSi HD lineup, prices, and equipment details will be announced as it is available for your neighborhood shortly.  

FAQ - What is the difference between Digital TV & High Def?  

Standard Definition TV (SDTV) - SDTV is the basic level of quality display and resolution for both analog and digital. Transmission of SDTV may be in either the traditional (4:3) or widescreen (16:9) format.

High Definition TV (HDTV) - HDTV in widescreen format (16:9) provides the highest resolution and picture quality of all digital broadcast formats. Combined with digitally enhanced sound technology, HDTV sets new standards for sound and picture quality in television. (Note: HDTV and digital TV are not the same thing — HDTV is one format of digital TV.)