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Approved Modems

CSi Cable works to insure a network that will give you the best performance, reliability, and security.  We  evaluate cable modems for compatibility and overall performance.  Due to technical concerns, changes to our network and discontinued support by the modem manufacturer, certain models that were previously allowed will no longer be suitable for our network, and will not be allowed to be added, as we will begin phasing out use of those older models. 

All modems purchased elsewhere (if on the "approved list") need to be registered and checked ($10 fee) to insure they function properly on our network prior to installation of service.  We will perform checkout and give you a "GO" or "NO GO" answer.  If it does not work it will be returned to you.  We will not attempt to troubleshoot modem problems.  We do not warrant modems purchased elsewhere.  

Should your customer owned modem stop working in the future, it is your responsibility to purchase a replacement or rent a modem from CSi.  We caution against purchasing STOLEN or USED modems from other locations.  Please contact our
Customer Service office for details - BEFORE YOU BUY ELSEWHERE.    

Recommended Models Sold at CSi Computers 
Click for User Guide Information 

Arris Touchstone DG2460 Wireless Modem for sale $109.99 plus tax
4 port ethernet &
dual wireless 2.4 & 5 ghz - Docsis 3 - tested & approved for Jamestown & Valley City

Arris Touchstone DG860 Wireless Modem for sale $99.99 - out of stock currently
4 port ethernet & wireless - Docsis 3 - tested & approved for Jamestown & Valley City

Arris 820 Docsis 3 Regular Modem $64.99 plus tax
1 port - regular modem - Docsis 3 -tested & approved for Jamestown & Valley City

other approved Docsis 3 models, no longer sold at CSi Computers:

Motorola SBG6580 Doc 3Wireless Gateway Modem - approved, out of stock
4 port - wireless - Docsis 3 - tested & approved for Jamestown & Valley City

Motorola SBG6180 SURFboard Modem  approved, out of stock
1 port - regular modem - Docsis 3 -tested & approved for Jamestown & Valley City

Motorola SB6141 Docsis 3 Regular Modem:  approved, not in stock
1 port - regular modem - Docsis 3 tested & approved for Jamestown & Valley City

call 701-252-1835 for current pricing and model availability
Best prices anywhere!  Cheaper than the big box stores.  


DO NOT BUY DOCSIS 2 models, as they will soon reach End-Of-Life.   While they may work today for STANDARD Internet service,  they will not function to be able to get the Faster speed options offered by CSi.  Most Docsis 2 listed below will work for 2mb up to 25mb,  we do not recommend buying them.  If you buy a Doc 2 and later want to upgrade to Turbo or Extreme,  you will have to purchase another modem. 

Motorola SURFboard Doc 2 SB5101
Motorola Wireless Cable Gateway Doc 2 SBG901 

If we discover problems with models as we do firmware upgrades and network enhancements, they will be moved to the non-approved list.   CSi makes no representation as to how long into the future these models will function.  
If your modem is not on the list above, the model may be one that is known to not work well on our network or it may be an older model that will soon reach "end of life" and will need to be retired.  We will not allow new users to add modems not listed above.   If your owned modem, even if on the list above, does not work on our network,  it is your responsibility to either purchase a new modem or begin renting.  We do not warrant or otherwise repair customer owned modems purchased elsewhere. 

below are User Guides for some of the older models reaching end-of-life & being phased out - don't buy these. These units will not be allowed to be added to network.  Any models below rented from CSi will be replaced as needed.  We will not upgrade firmware of any Models owned unless model is listed above.  

If you want us to test & certify for use a model that is not listed, there is a $20 test fee.   Approved modems are less expensive than most non-approved models. 

Arris 6700 - This model has a known "bug" with the wireless portion dropping the user when certain devices (wireless phones) are used at same time as other computers and tablets.  Arris has been unable to provide a fix.  We will not support this model.  We will not allow it to be added to the network at this time. We do not rent this model.  We do not sell this model.  Do not buy this model.  

Motorola SURFboard SB6120 and SB6121
Motorola 6120 and 6121 will not work on our network due to firmware changes for that modem by Motorola.  Until Motorola resolves the firmware problem, we will not allow the SB6120 or SB6121 to be added to our network.  Do not buy this model.  We do not rent this model modem.   

No Longer Approved to Add:  Older Models previously allowed for use but are now reaching End of Life.  We will not add these models to our network. They may work today, but for how long?  We will not add them to our network. 
Motorola SBG900  - 
replaced by 901 
D-Link Cable Modem DCM202
Linksys Cable Modem BEFCMU10 v3
Linksys Cable Modem BEFCMU10 v4
Linksys Cable Modem CM100
Motorola SURFboard SB5102
Motorola SURFboard SB5100
Zoom USB / Ethernet Cable Modem 5241
Motorola SURFboard SB4100  Reached End of Life - being removed

Motorola SURFboard SB5120 
Motorola SURFboard SB3100
  Reached End of Life - being removed
Motorola SURFboard SB2100  Reached End of Life - being removed
Motorola Surfboard SB4200   
Reached End of Life - being removed