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Every year, the major cable networks automatically increase the cost of airing their channel. In addition, the local broadcast TV stations demand a monthly fee to be paid by cable viewers.  These costs increase ever year, which unfortunately means, the monthly cost of TV will increase, as those charges are passed on.  

Our goal is to manage your monthly bill by fighting against excessive TV network fee increases from large, powerful media conglomerates. That’s why we are a member of the NCTC, a buying group of more than 900 independent cable and broadband companies across the United States. This allows us to negotiate as one larger group to gain the cost benefits that the larger providers enjoy, while still enabling us to provide home-town service to our customers across the CSi FIBER Network.  

The Fargo Broadcast TV stations are seeking extremely large increases for 2015 for what they call "free TV".  Discovery Networks (Discovery-TLC-Animal Planet) is seeking increases of 20 times the rate of inflation.  Read More Below.   We will keep you advised.

We know you want a good value. When networks demand huge fee increases, we work to get the best offerings at the best price so we can keep your bill as low as possible. You want more choice and control with your TV programming:

We strive to get networks to offer their shows to you on YOUR terms, not theirs.

We ask that networks do not hold their channel hostage from you while we are negotiating. When they pull their signal, they are hoping to get you to do their negotiating for them – and we all end up paying more.

In a dispute, we will offer solutions and viewing options to help you get through the short time a network may typically pull its signal.

We are on your side.  Go to CSiTVonMYside.com for more information.


Summary of status of Discovery demands:

Discovery Networks is attempting to get us – and you – to pay an increase in monthly fees that is 20 times the rate of inflation. That’s like paying $4.70 for a gallon of gas today when it cost $3.50 yesterday! And they are demanding that smaller, local providers and their customers, like all of us, pay anywhere from 50% to 100% more than what the larger providers pay for the same networks

In September, Discovery Networks sent a letter to the FCC blasting the proposed merger between Comcast and Time Warner for this same reason. They stated that the merged company could, “… use its enhanced position to impose prices, terms and conditions on programmers that are overly favorable to {them}.” Yet this is exactly what Discovery Networks is doing to smaller Cable TV providers throughout the country.

We want to hear from you! It is important that we look out for the best interests of our customers by balancing those channels that are watched and requested most with an appropriate cost to keep your bill as low as possible. Please take the short survey  at CSiTVonMySide.com to let us know how important the Discovery networks are to your family, as well as what other networks your family is interested in.

Significant network fee increases directly impact your bill. Our contract expires December 31 and rest assured, we are on your side as we continue to negotiate hard to keep these fees – and your bill – as low as possible. Thanks for your continued support.   Channels included:  Discovery, TLC, & Animal Planet.