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Price Change

Prices for cable television service in Jamestown, Valley City, and Lisbon, ND will change effective February 1, 2012 due to increases levied by the Fargo Broadcast TV stations.  See channel guide (to left) for specific change amount for your city or refer to the Privacy/Rate Notice mailed to you. 

Background: The Federal government created a system called “retransmission consent” which allows the local over-the-air broadcast TV stations of
KVLY-NBC, KXJB-CBS, WDAY-ABC, and KJRR-FOX to levy a monthly fee in exchange for granting permission to allow cable system viewers to be able to view the broadcast TV programming.   It the cable system doesn't agree to pay the extra fee per customer for all customers, the station can not be carried.   Across the country, broadcast TV stations have demanded significant fee increases.   

This year - 2012, the four Fargo TV stations
combined are requiring an additional $3 per month or they will not allow us to carry their stations. We had no choice but to agree to their demands, otherwise the stations would require us to turn off their signal. 

At CSi our commitment to our customers is to provide quality television at an affordable price.  The charges demanded by the Fargo broadcast TV outlets unfortunately have to be passed on to you the viewer.  Complaints about the so-called “free TV” stations charging should be directed to the stations as they are the ones demanding the fees.

The FCC is beginning a review of this practice by over-the-air broadcast TV stations and legislation to make changes was just introduced by Senator Demit.  If you think it deserves some attention and the FCC should look into this,  please let Senator John Hoeven know that we could use his help to see if changes can be made.  (Senator Hoeven was not responsible for the current laws that created the problems)

We don't like this, but we have no choice.  All cable operations are being hit with these extra "fees".  The satellite companies will be hit with significant fees as their "Fargo Broadcast Channel" contracts come up for renewal.  One station manager said if any viewer has a question, they should call him directly, he is happy to explain why "free over-the-air" TV now comes with a cost.   They are well aware that the viewers will be the ones who pay this fee.  

While they will start charging CSi the new rate Jan 1, 2012,  your monthly CSi Cable bill will not change until Feb. 1, 2012.   

In Jamestown & Valley City:  customers will see a $3/mth* increase if you have the 10 channel Economy TV Service Package (2-13),  or a $4/mth* increase if you have the 80+Channel CLASSIC CABLE TV with HD sampler Package (2-77) . . . one or the other not both.    For a point of reference, the telephone cooperative daktel ( a USDA funded system) announced it will raise its rate by $6.75/mth on April 1, 2012 - wow.  That puts their TV price $18.75/mth MORE expensive than CSI.    CSi remains the most AFFORDABLE.   

In Lisbon, the price will increase $3.50/mth*  (*plus City & FCC fees).

Your next bill from CSi for FEB will reflect the new price for television service.

PDF of price change/privacy notice mailed
Want to contact a Fargo over-the-air TV station to voice your concerns?

KVLY - NBC and KXJB - CBS - Jim Wareham - Station Mgr 701-237-5211

WDAY - Station Mgr 701-241-5404

KJRR - FOX - Station Mgr 701-277-1515